Going to Market: A Review


Walking down Telegraph avenue near the UC Berkeley campus, one may find an assortment of different shops to attract the eye of the fumbling college student. Be it the clothing stores, the restaurants, and the smoke shops, there are of course the little food markets. All there is between the major supermarkets, Berkeley Bowl and […]

The Contagious Gift of Giving


It was beginning to look as though stellar Laney College Student Cynthia Phillips wouldn’t be able to attend her next culinary competition in Arizona, but a call for help from her professors and the generosity of her fellow students made all the difference. Cynthia Phillips is a hardworking student at Laney College aspiring to make […]

Coming Home


Strangely enough, Berkeley offers me a sense of belonging that I never felt in my own country. Where I’m from, conformity and tradition are crucial, and my refusal to conform to what society expected made me feel like an outcast. For the eighteen years that I lived in Pakistan, I felt isolated, uprooted, and marginalized. […]

Finals: Stay Focused


If you’re anything like me, you are not on top of your workload and are beginning to cram for final exams, essays, presentations, and homework assignments. This time is crucial in order to finish the class strong with a good grade and get a reward out of it.  Now we have to make sacrifices by putting off […]

ASBCC Election Results


Last week was very intense, and I’m not just talking about final projects and assignments for the end of the semester, but student government elections. Candidates had their last chance to campaign around campus and the elections committee got prepared to count votes and get the ballots ready. If you were here in school between […]

Stories to Follow This MLB Season

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Now that baseball is back in full swing, several storylines are emerging that are worth watching this season. Oakland Athletics – Despite winning the AL West Division Championship in 2012, no one in the media is paying attention to them or believes it was not a fluke. Yet as manager Bob Melvin told MLB.com, “We’re […]