Rock At Learning With Kurzwiel 3000


In Room 244, at Berkeley City College, Roberto Gonzalez can often be seen working intently to make course materials accessible for print-disabled students. As head of the Office of Alternate Media, Gonzalez brings almost twenty years of experience to BCC. “It is especially rewarding to work on something challenging that initially appears to be inaccessible […]

We Should All Quit

Last spring semester, if anybody’s eyes happened to wander across Center Street, they’d see students in hoodies and flat bills submerged in smoke, directly across from the front doors of Berkeley City College. Avoiding the eyes of teachers, they would burn those last leaves of a Marlboro 27 before dashing into class. However, this fall […]

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Price


Anyone taking a college class, from high school seniors to senior citizens, has come to find that textbooks are one of the most important components of education, and the most expensive. Now, the school bookstore may be convenient, but it is not always the best choice. Not only does the bookstore tend to have astronomical […]

Let’s All Be Happy?


When I saw the random number on my phone, I told myself, “I don’t know why they call when they know I’m just gonna tell them NO.” I was expecting a telemarketer, probably asking me if I wanted to sign up for the Sunday newspaper. But the person on the line was Wes’s mom. There […]

A Look to the Stars


So, you’ve all heard of horoscopes right?? Maybe you already know what your sun sign is (come on, admit it; we all do). Perhaps you’ve even seen something along the lines of, “Today is your day! Grab a friend and head for the hills,” or some other cookie-cutter, fortune-teller nonsense. While it may be that […]

A Trip to Your Local Farmer’s Market


Shopping at a local farmers market isn’t just a pleasurable way to spend an afternoon, but a useful tool for saving money on the sort of goods that may be expensive otherwise. Spread out over three different locations in Berkeley, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, each location is quite close to a BART station, making […]


On a lake bed prehistoric The dust is metamorphic. A metropolis erected, Constructed to deconstruct the constructs. Singeing ideas Into ashes of remembrance, Burning towards birthing Like the Pinus contorta. In an ecosystem absent of our typical currency, Laughter and tears exchanged Like the Sun and Moon through our ever-turning field of sight. De-pixelating fragments […]

Tibetan Art and Culture


Perhaps you would like to learn about Tibetan history and culture from a less political point of view. You might want to learn more about Buddhism in Tibet, or Tibetan art and culture. If so, you can visit several local resources to enlighten you about Berkeley’s Tibetan Buddhist community and Tibetan culture in general just […]