March 8th is International Women’s Day, a date the United Nations has been observing since 1975. The fight for women’s rights, however, far outreaches this historic recognition and continues today.

With a history tied to revolutionary movements of the early 1900’s, and a widely recognized women’s month, we are taking the time to celebrate the incredible bounds made by women around the world, and the women who inspire us.
This year’s theme was ‘Inspiring Change,’ looking forward to greater equality for individuals worldwide. In solidarity, marches such as those which took place in London and Mexico City celebrated the leaps and brought attention to the shortcomings that continue to affect the status of women.

This theme was the focus of Hillary Clinton’s powerful address to the United Nations, where she commented that today “there are more girls in school than at any [other] time in human history, more women in elected office, [and] many discriminatory laws have been repealed.” The audience, however, was reminded to consider how much farther the world has to go in order to achieve the UN’s goal of full gender equality, “no country in the world, including my own, has achieved full participation.”

But it is undeniable that the economic and political standing of women has reached unimaginable heights. It is a momentous achievement which could have never been possible were it not for the women who fought for it. We would not be where we are without their struggles or their faith in themselves and in women. Their fight is ours.

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