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International Women’s Day


March 8th is International Women’s Day, a date observed by the United Nations since 1975. The fight for women’s rights, however, is far from over and continues today.  With a history behind us tied to the revolutionary movements of the early 1900’s, we are taking the time to celebrate the incredible gains made by women […]

Being A Berkeley City College Student


In a town dominated by UC Berkeley students and spirit the existence of Berkeley City College can easily go unnoticed. Whenever I’ve told people I live in Berkeley or that I’m a student their next question is, “Oh, do you go to Cal?” And I have to explain that I am actually a student at […]

Unity-GSA’s Custom Made Queer


Above photo of J Mase III during the performance. Photo credit: Richard Lee “If you ever feel a need to reach into your throat and call me a fag again, you must start to say it with some damn respect.” So was J Mase III’s ending line to “Faggot,” an amusing poem precisely because there […]

The Contagious Gift of Giving


It was beginning to look as though stellar Laney College Student Cynthia Phillips wouldn’t be able to attend her next culinary competition in Arizona, but a call for help from her professors and the generosity of her fellow students made all the difference. Cynthia Phillips is a hardworking student at Laney College aspiring to make […]

United for Syria


The event commenced with an array of students in the basement, otherwise known as the atrium. To my left were three students on their knees held at “gun-point,” and on my right, three students placed on the ground with an array of flowers, signifying their death and the ascending losses in Syria. This scene succeeded […]

Students Celebrate Poetry at Monthly Reading


The Berkeley City College Society of Verse and Poetics hosted their monthly poetry reading on Friday in the auditorium. With finger snapping and cheers, students helped each other feel comfortable and create a safe space to share their art. Co-founder of the BCC Society of Verse and Poetics Terry Taplin explains the ritual that opens […]