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International Women’s Day


March 8th is International Women’s Day, a date observed by the United Nations since 1975. The fight for women’s rights, however, is far from over and continues today.  With a history behind us tied to the revolutionary movements of the early 1900’s, we are taking the time to celebrate the incredible gains made by women […]

Unity-GSA’s Custom Made Queer


Above photo of J Mase III during the performance. Photo credit: Richard Lee “If you ever feel a need to reach into your throat and call me a fag again, you must start to say it with some damn respect.” So was J Mase III’s ending line to “Faggot,” an amusing poem precisely because there […]

A Wake Up Call for The ASBCC

The fall semester was a fresh start for the mostly new members of our student government. The new recruits were eager and hopeful to make positive change on campus, but received criticism from some students and faculty members for their performance. However, the associated students haven’t been unaware of their position, and have already begun […]

Guardian P.L.U.R Angels

Photo Credit: Anna Nelson While some were going to wild parties and downing drinks this past New Year’s Eve, several young friends sacrificed their champagne and midnight kisses to help make people’s night a little safer. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect (PLUR) is the code of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene, and the guidelines […]

Going to Market: A Review


Walking down Telegraph avenue near the UC Berkeley campus, one may find an assortment of different shops to attract the eye of the fumbling college student. Be it the clothing stores, the restaurants, and the smoke shops, there are of course the little food markets. All there is between the major supermarkets, Berkeley Bowl and […]

Finals: Stay Focused


If you’re anything like me, you are not on top of your workload and are beginning to cram for final exams, essays, presentations, and homework assignments. This time is crucial in order to finish the class strong with a good grade and get a reward out of it.  Now we have to make sacrifices by putting off […]

ASBCC Election Results


Last week was very intense, and I’m not just talking about final projects and assignments for the end of the semester, but student government elections. Candidates had their last chance to campaign around campus and the elections committee got prepared to count votes and get the ballots ready. If you were here in school between […]