No Time Like the Present: Where We Are Today This October, Berkeley City College will officially be old enough to need reading glasses, and receive a bunch of cheesy “Over the Hill” greeting cards. Friday, October 17, 2014 marks the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Berkeley City College. Although the school is now middle […]

Until Forever Ends


I’ve written letters since I was quite young and have grown fond of it. It has developed into more than correspondence; it’s a craft. Prior to college, some friends and I agreed that we’d always write. I am proud to say that the letters are still alive between us. Nevertheless, the act of letter writing […]

Uni-Varsity Blues


Four-year universities certainly have their allure. The prestige, the lively student life, the big, beautiful buildings, and the alumni connections draw in countless students across the country every year. However, not all students who start out at universities stay there, and with the cost of college education increasing so dramatically in recent history, it’s not […]

HARD TO SWALLOW: What’s in Your Supplement?


More than half of Americans are currently taking herbs or supplements (Park). It is widely believed that these are natural and therefore safe, but a lax regulatory system combined with bad industry practices, and a lack of knowledge by medical professionals has created a dangerous environment for consumers. Many people taking herbs do not realize […]